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President’s Foreword First, I would like to begin by welcoming the BFPA members to this year’s edition of the BFPA Yearbook & Members’ Directory. Over the past 18 months there has been a transformation to our lives not seen in generations, not only as an industry but as a nation In January 2022, having made positive steps to recovery after the COVID pandemic, the country entered a cost-ofliving crisis. Food prices rose, rents and mortgages climbed and energy costs soared. February ended with the invasion of Ukraine, which created further instability in the energy market. Over the summer, two prime ministers resigned back-to-back, and then in September we mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Safe to say, it has hardly been the 18 months of health and wealth we all had hoped for off the back of the pandemic. However, the fluid power industry does not stop and nor shall we. We are keen to concentrate on the topic of service as our focus in 2023. As well as offering a range of benefits to its members, the BFPA commits itself as a service to our industry. Yet, this can only be achievable with a strong and resolute team behind it. Whilst heading off to pastures new, former CEO Chris Buxton’s departure in 2021 left a significant gap in the Association’s operations. Chris’s renowned knowledge of industry regulations and his passion for bettering the interest of our industry on a government level turned out to be a difficult position to fill. Whilst this posed a challenge it was one that we were not going to back down from, and towards the end of 2021 the BFPA welcomed Paul Cooke as Interim CEO. Paul had recently returned from working for Bosch Rexroth in the US and, having previously held the position of BFPA President, was the perfect candidate to steer the Association into 2022. During the autumn, the BFPA held its strategy event where key industry areas, or ‘pillars of industry’ as they are known, were discussed. These pillars include Health and Safety, Environment, Standards, Training and Legislation to name a few and from these Paul developed a structured framework to ensure it best fit the needs of the BFPA and its members. Paul Cooke’s valuable tenure as Interim CEO came to its planned conclusion and in late 2022 the search for a new permanent Managing Director began. Following a comprehensive recruitment campaign, supported by Rebecca Galley and Steve Cardew, the BFPA was delighted to announce Christopher Butcher as its new Managing Director. With over 25 years of industry experience, both as an engineer and in business development, Chris has been involved in many aspects of manufacturing, engineering and commercial processes, gaining skills as an adept communicator, knowledgeable mentor and motivated leader. Chris’s drive and commitment to empower his teams, improve business performance and supply a confident customer experience whilst ensuring management team accountability, made him the ideal candidate for this esteemed position. Lastly, one further significant personnel change at the BFPA was the retirement of Yvonne Pearman. Yvonne, best known for managing and promoting the BFPA’s technical standards work, said goodbye after 18 years, and we wished her all the best for a long and happy retirement. Although change is a challenge, I am proud the BFPA team has pulled together and will continuously strengthen the fluid power Industry through its service and hard work with the key pillars of industry. There is a dedicated feature with context and viewpoints offered by the Team Leaders for each respective pillar within this yearbook. The BFPA is now in its strongest ever position and is primed and ready to take the industry to the next level. Let’s raise the service bar. Raising the service bar 3 John Farmer, BFPA President

Leader in industrial automation for over fifty years. r T \ffiErA[ \AIWORK PNEUMATIC iJ 11 Im C;l

Vice President’s Foreword Welcome to the 2023 edition of the BFPA Yearbook and Members’ Directory. The Association continues to develop and enhance its service offering to members and one of the key recent developments has been the strategy work actioned following our strategy review for members, organised by President John Farmer and myself, which took place in 2021.[RG1] It is genuinely a privilege to be involved in this strategy work. The strategic review was arranged to gain a better understanding of what members understand about the Association’s activities, whether they feel we are delivering value and whether our planned future direction is where they want us to go for these initiatives to be of benefit to them and the wider industry. After gathering an extensive amount of feedback, we revised the strategy of the BFPA and decided to establish four teams focused on ideas for the future for our areas of strategic importance. Each of these teams is comprised of a group of individuals from the wider membership supported and encouraged by a team leader, also from membership. It is really encouraging to see how quickly and thoroughly these teams have put their ideas forward and to witness the dedication shown by participating members. John Farmer and I were also involved in appointing a new Head for the Association in the middle of 2022. What made our new Managing Director Chris Butcher stand out for us was his absolute admiration for all things fluid power, together with his energy, commitment and desire to give something back and make a difference to the industry overall. Chris was officially appointed in November 2022 and I’m very much looking forward to working with him throughout this year. I would like to praise Paul Cooke, our Interim CEO, for the work he undertook during much of 2021 and 2022. Paul stepped in after our previous CEO Chris Buxton left his position during the early part of 2021. Paul had an interim role for six months and really enthused everyone into thinking about constructive change within the Association. Indeed, the establishment of the Strategy Teams was central to his focus following our strategy review. I would also like to say a warm thank you to Yvonne Pearman, who retired in early 2022. Yvonne was so committed and hard-working in her standards work and is definitely missed. However, we’re all delighted to welcome Lucy Tuckey to her role as Standards Project Administrator. Lucy has got to grips with things remarkably quickly. With regard to standards, this can be a particularly complicated topic to understand and manage, but she has so much positive energy and a natural aptitude to paying attention to detail. Because of this, Lucy will only grow in her understanding and involvement during 2023. Although I wasn’t involved in my current role as Vice President during much of CEO Chris Buxton’s tenure, I was nevertheless aware of the valuable work he undertook, particularly his passion and commitment for lobbying government on behalf of the fluid power industry. At the start of the COVID crisis, Chris diligently worked alongside other associations and EAMA to ensure people in our industry were recognised as key workers and allowed to carry on supporting those operating in the front line. [RG2]I do also want to express my respect for President John Farmer. He is such a calm and pragmatic person and great to work with and he is so committed and passionate about the industry. It would be remiss not to praise the dedicated and critical work undertaken by other key members of staff. Sarah Gardner remains an invaluable asset in Statistics and Marketing, Martin Kingsbury is the linchpin for the effective running and management of our training courses and Karen Gordon-Brander is an excellent support for all the BFPA’s general administrative duties, keeping the everyday activities running smoothly and efficiently. Finally, despite the recent challenging years and ongoing issues facing our businesses, I feel very positive about 2023. The fluid power industry continues to grow and support a vast range or diverse industries. We have worked hard over the past couple of years to create a stronger association and are well placed to support members and the wider industry. With new initiatives on the horizon and increased collaboration with members, I’m confident that this can be an exciting year full of opportunities. Let’s work together towards achieving success in 2023. Meeting the needs of our membership 5 Rebecca Galley, Vice-President

Board & Council Committee 6 BFPA BOARD 2023 BFPA DISTRIBUTOR COUNCIL 2023 George Beswick Alfa Gomma (UK) Limited Chris Butcher British Fluid Power Association Limited Martin Kingsbury British Fluid Power Association Limited David Scholes Bosch Rexroth Limited Rob Woodley Derek Lane & Co Limited Swapnil Khedekar Festo Limited John Farmer - President Flowtech Paul Newnham GS Hydro UK Limited Gregg Heller HUSCO International Partners LLP Rob Buchanan Hydreco Hydraulics Limited Rebecca Galley - Vice President Hydroscand Limited Andy Dickens Interpump Fluid Solutions Jerry Hughes Jemlyn Limited Steve Cardew Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Limited Kevin Mooney Moog Industrial Group Francesco Chessari MP Filtri UK Limited John Savage NFPC Limited Ian Tames Parker Hannifin Limited Paul Dunlop Pirtek UK Limited Graham Wood Savery Hydraulics Limited Nick Pittwood SMC Limited Mannie Saunders Yuken Europe Limited Nick West Allswage UK Andrew Newell Antech Hydraulics Limited Chris Butcher British Fluid Power Association Limited Martin Kingsbury British Fluid Power Association Limited Deborah Smidt Cotswold Hose & Fittings Limited Rob Woodley Derek Lane & Co Limited Peter Willson Hopespare Limited Richard Bailey Hydratech Engineering Limited Simon Childs Interpump Fluid Solutions (Bristol) Gene Orchard Kramp UK Tim Harper R & G Fluid Power Group Limited Paul Prouse Rotec Hydraulics Limited Sebastian Cole Tom Parker Limited Key facts about the BFPA and membership Did you know?... Membership Open to all hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control manufacturers and suppliers, BFPA members gain unlimited access to our full range of products and services. Subscriptions are based on annual sales directly associated with fluid power equipment in and from the UK. Membership of the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) is open to independent distributors of fluid power equipment. Associate members are usually companies which have a link to the industry, but do not have their main business in fluid power. Consultant membership is available to consultants who have expertise in hydraulics and/or pneumatics and are offering consultancy services relating to fluid power technology. Statistics For over 30 years, the BFPA’s statistical surveys have provided our members with valuable insight into the key trends in the fluid power industry. This service is exclusive to Association members and is one of the most prized benefits of membership. Accurate and reliable economic forecasts are a key aid to successful business planning. We work with Oxford Economics, the world’s leading economic consultancy and forecaster, to produce an annual forecast for the UK fluid power industry. Technical standards One of the main aims of the BFPA is to create, raise and maintain standards in the fluid power industry. The Association’s technical committees play a key role in framing worldwide best practice through the development of national, European and international standards. The BFPA also offers a supporting range of publications. Training The BFPA has created a suite of training courses that have been developed by utilising the knowledge of industry experts, so no matter what industry your company is associated with – for example construction, offshore & marine, agriculture, renewable energy, rail, mining – these training courses from the BFPA Training Academy will be relevant for you and your employees. Training courses are available throughout the year and can be provided either direct from the BFPA or through one of its associated training partners. Industry representation The BFPA works hard to represent the hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control industry at national, European and international level. The Association works with Government, legislative bodies and other professional associations. The BFPA regularly meets with a range of government departments, including the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, the Environment Agency and the Ministry of Defence.

FLUID POWER MADE EASY It’s a special year. A milestone year. It’s the year when Flowtech turns 40. So, here’s to 2023! And here’s to many more years of success with all our fluid power customers and suppliers. Here’s to 2023! Pneumatics Hydraulics Process & Instrumentation Industrial We’re planning many special events and promotions throughout 2023 as we celebrate 40 years of success in the fluid power industry. We’ve come a long way over the last four decades. It all started in 1983… 1986 2015 2021 2022 1995 2016 1983 1992 2011 1999 2005 2014 2006 2007 Company founded as IPL First Distributor catalogue Pimbo Road opened and name changed to Flowtech SME Business of the Year Award, Liverpool Expanded into Benelux Name changed to Flowtechnology Exclusive brands introduced Distributor websites Kardex lift systems introduced in warehouse Name changed to Flowtech with new branding Beaumanor Fluid Power Products acquired 5 companies merged into 1 and new website launched Flowtech is 40! Listed on AIM stock exchange and acquired Primary Fluid Power Official Rectus Distributorship One of the first UK companies to be ISO accredited E-commerce website launched First mobile app in the industry Eaton Winner master distributor, and Hydravalve and Indequip acquired 2000 2001 2012 2018 2023

Contents 8 The BFPA Team Contact the BFPA team in Chipping Norton for further information: Cheriton House, Cromwell Park, Chipping Norton, Oxon 0X7 5SR T: 01608 647900 W: Chris Butcher Managing Director Martin Kingsbury Membership and Training Director Sarah Gardner Statistics & Marketing Manager Lucy Tuckey Standards Project Manager Karen Gordon-Brander Administrative and Training Co-ordinator Ed Holden Editor BFPA Yearbook ISSN 2048-2280 10 Association Members 12 An introduction to the BFPA 16 Letter from the Managing Director 20 Standards 26 Four Pillars – Education and Training 30 Four Pillars – Industry and Standards 32 Four Pillars – Health, Safety and Environment 36 Four Pillars – Business Intelligence/ Industry insights 40 EAMA viewpoint 44 Hose Accreditation Scheme update 48 BFPA Education and Training 54 Passport Scheme update 56 Approved Hose Assessment Scheme 58 BFPA Minimum Educational Recommendations 59 Benefits of BFPA Membership 83 Manufacturers/Principal Suppliers: Hydraulics 98 Manufacturers/Principal Suppliers: Pneumatics 107 Manufacturers/Principal Suppliers: Compressed Air 115 Manufacturers/Principal Suppliers: Fluids 117 Educational Establishments & Associate Members 118 Consultants 120 BFPDA Regional

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10 A C Hydraulics Limited AB Hoses and Fittings Limited Abdex Hose and Couplings Limited Ace Hydraulics Limited ADT Flexibles (UK) Limited Advanced Component Technology Limited Afton Chemical Limited Aircare (Corby) Limited T/A OMC AKG UK Limited Alan Mackay Machinery Limited Alatas UK Limited Alfa Gomma (UK) Limited Allswage UK Amba Hydraulics Limited AMS Hayley Antech Hydraulics Limited Antifriction Components Limited Approved Hydraulics Limited Arco Limited Argo-Hytos Limited Armada Engineering Limited Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics Limited Ashfield Springs Limited Bachy Soletanche Limited BML-Hayley Bosch Rexroth Limited Bowen Fluid Engineering Limited BP plc Branch Hydraulic Systems Brennan Industries of Europe Limited BSP Hydraulics Limited Burley Fluid and Air Limited Burley Hydraulics (Cambridgeshire) Limited Cambridgeshire Hydraulics and Pneumatics Limited Camozzi Automation Limited Carlton Hydraulics Limited Century Hose Limited Cleveland Flexible Engineering Completely Hydraulic Control Gear Hydraulics Limited Cotswold Hose and Fittings Limited C-Tec Fluid Power Limited Custom Fittings Limited Cymru Hydraulics Limited Dana SAC UK Limited Danfoss Power Solutions ll limited DB Fluid Control Limited DCA Limited Delta Motion Limited Derek Lane and Company DFA Manufacturing Media Limited Duncan Rogers (Engineering) Limited Eastern Hose Ehrco Limited Emerson Automation Fluid Control and Pneumatics UK Limited EnerMech Limited ERIKS UK Euro Hydraulics (Scotland) Limited EvoFluid Hydraulics Limited Evolution Hose Limited Exeter Hose and Hydraulics Limited Fairway Hydraulics Limited Fast Group Wales Festo Limited Flexicon Industrial Supplies Limited Flexihose (Plymouth) Limited Flotec Industrial Limited Flowtech Fluidpower plc Fluiconnecto UK Limited Fluid Air Power Fluid Power Design Solutions Limited Fluid Power Services Limited Fluid Power Solutions (Wales) Limited Fortress Interlocks Limited FPE Seals Limited Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Limited G & Work Limited Gates Hydraulics GD Associates Global Hydraulic Services Limited GS Hydro UK Limited Hallite Seals International Limited Handling Truck Services Limited Hansa-Flex (NI) Limited Harrier Fluid Power T/A Flowfit Hayley Fluid Power Hayley Group Limited Hedley Hydraulics Limited Helipebs Controls Limited Henry Gallacher Limited Hercules Hydraulics Limited HEYPAC Limited hi TAG Limited Hinchliffe Hydraulics Limited HMS Sultan Holmbury Limited Hopespare Limited Hose Assembly Technology HTL Member of Fluidpower Group HUSCO International Partners LLP HYDAC Technology Limited Hydracam Limited HydraForce Hydraulics Limited Hydra-Hose Limited Hydra-Line Hydrapower (York) Limited Hydraproducts Limited Hydrastore Limited Hydrasun Limited Hydratech Engineering Limited Hydraulic Adaptors and Hose Assemblies Limited Hydraulic and Offshore Supplies Limited Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets Hydraulic Power Services Limited Hydraulic Pumps (UK) Limited Hydraulic System Products Limited Hydraulic Technical Services (North East) Limited Hydraulics and Pneumatics Limited Hydraulink Limited Hydreco Hydraulics Limited Hydroscand Limited Hyphose Limited Hy-Pro Filtration Industrial Ancillaries Limited Industrial and Marine Hydraulics Limited Industrial Engineering Supplies Limited Industrial Hose and Pipe Fittings Limited Integraflex Limited Integraflex Yorkshire Limited Interpump Fluid Solutions Intrico Products Limited J & P Engineering Services Limited J.M.Consultant James Lister and Sons Limited JCB Research JDW Engineering Limited Jemlyn Limited JML Henderson Limited Kanflu Limited Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Limited Kiowa Limited KRAMP UK Limited Lancashire Hose and Fittings Limited LANXESS Solutions UK Limited Leader Hydraulics Limited Leyland Hose and Silicone Services Lubrizol Limited M & R Hydraulics Limited Marine and Hydraulics Engineering Limited Association Members

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BFPA The British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) exists to serve one of our most important industries. The BFPA is the only trade association that focuses on the hydraulics and pneumatics industry in the UK and its members represent approximately 75% of the market. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are used in a very wide range of engineering applications to control and power movement in mobile machines such as excavators, trucks and aircraft, and in industrial applications such as in factory automation and infrastructure projects. Strong market segment The total sales of fluid power equipment in 2021 in the UK (including exports) recovered after the major negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, to reach approximately £1.3 billion. The UK fluid power industry employs over 12,000 people and the UK fluid power market was estimated to be around £ 950 million in 2021, with hydraulics accounting for around 76% and pneumatics about 24%. Education and training Education and training are key focuses of the BFPA to ensure that, with ongoing support of the membership, it continues to engage with governing bodies, education and training organisation to have the BFPA standard recognised as the industry standard. Partnering with members, the BFPA currently has 25 approved UK training facilities, and this number will only increase in the coming months and years. To date, the Association has trained 13,000 people across 70 companies throughout the UK, Europe Australia, Africa and Asia. Market intelligence Being a member of the BFPA gives you a strong voice to represent your best interests at every level. An organisation in membership means it is part of a trusted brand that is a mark of quality. The Association is also trusted source of valuable industry data and statistical market intelligence and offers a wide range of specialist services and advice on issues relating to member businesses such as training and recruitment. Standards Members also have access to valuable and important technical standards information, as well as having the opportunity to influence and provide insight into all relevant standards activity. Additionally, they can secure preferential commercial arrangements with a range of different service providers and enjoy unrivalled opportunities for networking with peers at a range of industry events. Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) programme It can be difficult to find good suppliers to help you grow and develop your business. This is why the BFPA has created its Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) programme. The SAPs have been identified as trusted partners of the BFPA, able to offer members a range of useful outsourced services, reliably and to a high standard. Four pillars To serve our industry in a more strategically beneficial manner, the Association has established four strategic pillars, which are discussed in depth in this edition of the Yearbook & Members’ Directory. More information For more information on membership, please contact: The BFPA Cheriton House Cromwell Park Chipping Norton Oxon OX7 5SR Tel: +44 (0)1608 647900 Email: An introduction to the BFPA 12 Karen Gordon-Brander Administrative and Training Co-ordinator Sarah Gardner Statistics & Marketing Manager Lucy Tuckey Standards Project Manager Chris Butcher Managing Director Martin Kingsbury Membership and Training Director


STAUFF Form EVO The Latest Generation STAUFF Form EVO has been designed as standard for seamless cold-drawn precision steel tubes as well as stainless steel tubes with dimensions between 6 x 1.5 mm and 42 x 4 mm in the Light Series and between 6 x 1.5 mm and 38 x 6 mm in the Heavy Series. If required, parameters for alternative materials are available upon request and can be added by the manufacturer or via the optional cloud connection module integrated within the machines. STAUFF Form EVO brings the latest generation of the tube forming system, which is characterised by an increased level of Efficiency and Versatility as a result of continuous Optimisation. The STAUFF Form tube forming system was first presented in 2015. Since the beginning it has undoubtedly been one of the most efficient solutions available on the market for connecting metric tubes. In addition to its simplicity, it provides a high degree of safety, reliability and reproducibility. For more information on the STAUFF Form EVO system and the full range of STAUFF products please visit the STAUFF DIGITAL PLATFORM

Badentoy Avenue, Badentoy Industrial Estate, Portlethen, Aberdeen AB12 4YB Tel: 0122 1 Email: uk.absales 9 Ferguson Drive, nockmore ill Industrial Park, Lisburn, Ireland BT28 2EX Tel: 02 2 0 00 Email: uk.irsales A ØD ØD B A ØD ØD B Design  Based on standard components including the standard union nut of the STAUFF Connect product range according to ISO 8434-1 – No duplicate storage of stock of similar components with a correspondingly high risk of confusion  Positive-locking connection with an elastomer sealing with a particularly large cross-section to provide secure and permanent sealing even in the event of unfavourable tolerances  Sealing of the only possible leakage path primarily via the STAUFF Form EVO sealing ring as well as the secondary, face sealing  of the formed tube end Assembly Tools and Devices  Robust table-top device for continuous operation in the workshop  of the system with low cycle times  Optimum tool concept with exchangeable internal tube supports, so that only a small number of tools is required to cover all tube diameters  Intuitive operation via touchscreen  Optional cloud connection as well as and trainings  All tools needed for the forming process clearly labelled with the tube dimensions so that assembly errors caused by incorrect assignment can be largely ruled out  Short times required for tool changes as clamping jaws, tube shaper and internal tube supports can be simply replaced without the need for any tools  Attractive maintenance packages to ensure best possible service  Low insertion depths compared to alternative systems for even more complex tube geometries and smaller bending radii Series Tube OD Minimum Length Minimum Length Straight Tube Ends Straight Sections D A next to Tube Bends B [mm] [mm] [mm] L 6 75 52 8 75 52 10 74 52 12 75 54 15 89 66 18 99 74 22 106 82 28 112 87 35 138 106 42 139 106 S 6 77 54 8 77 54 10 77 54 12 78 56 16 98 72 20 115 84 25 129 96 0 148 111 38 170 126 Durability and Application  Suitable for both steel and stainless steel tubing as standard – also applicable for alternative tube materials on request  Covers all common metric tube dimensions from 6 x 1.5 mm to 42 x 4 mm in the Light Series and 38 x 6 mm in the Heavy Series respectively  Suitable for nominal pressures up to 800 bar in the Heavy Series – designed with four-fold safety and maximum tear-out strength  The use of FKM (Viton®) as the standard seal material makes the system perfect for the most challenging applications. Thanks to the combined metal-elastomer seal, low-temperature ranges down to -35°C are possible without restriction  High-quality zinc/nickel surface coating provides maximum protection and corrosion resistance – standard for all parts in the STAUFF Connect range Final Assembly  with low assembly with a minimised risk of over-assembly  Assembly errors are consistently avoided due to the the sealing ring  Connections can be untightened as often as required and reassembled body is technically avoided  No need for time-consuming and expensive training Angle Torque 20° Final assembly a Clearly noticeable increase in force b Completed assembly a b 500 arlisle Street ast, off Downgate Drive, S4 8BS Tel: 011 251 51 Email: uk.sales Sheffield All STAUFF products undergo relevant testing in accordance with international regulations and are governed by the high standards of the in-house quality management system. Furthermore, many items have received certifications and approvals from various international institutes, organisations and authorities who have independently confirmed the quality and performance of the products. ontact one of our sales offices for more information Tube Forming System

Letter from the Managing Director This industry impacts our everyday lives and is overflowing with engineering excellence, world-leading technology and 1000s of talented people. I am looking forward to working with the BFPA team and Board members to continue the excellent work of the BFPA and further strengthen and grow our fluid power industry. Wide impact I believe it’s important to remember that we’re not just hydraulics and pneumatics – more and more we are encompassing electronics, mechatronics and robotics. We are the hidden force in manufacturing. Most people do not see it, but our technology impacts everything we do from the minute we wake to the minute we go to sleep. Indeed, even the bed we sleep on has had some form of hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics used to produce, pack and even test it. Key focus So, our industry is critically important and therefore our members must be served in the most efficient and rewarding way possible. That is why the BFPA continues to evolve the way it serves its membership and the wider industry. Indeed, following a strategy review in 2021 it was decided to put in play a new strategy to directly address some of the most important aspects of people working within the fluid power sector. This new strategy – which because of its importance will be a key focus of this edition of the Yearbook – is known as the four pillars. It comprises Education and Training, Industry and Standards, Health, Safety and Environment and Business Intelligence/Industry Insights. While still in its early days, it was firmly recognised by BFPA staff and our members who were present at the strategy review as being of major importance and something that will be the focus during this year and beyond. Fresh blood Clearly, bringing in fresh blood into the industry is paramount, so we need to start creating an extra level of interest in the four pillars not only among younger members, but also by opening up to people studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines in universities, schools and colleges. The question we asked ourselves is how do we link the younger generation today to become the manufacturers and fluid power professionals of tomorrow, with a view for them ultimately to become BFPA members further down the line? So, we are starting that journey by generating that curiosity, awareness and, ultimately, opportunity in the fluid power industry. Keeping safe With all the usual pressures of business growth and development, the health and wellbeing of our members is paramount. As you might expect, this topic is a key feature of our Health, Safety and the Environment pillar. Clearly, the fluid power industry often works in very challenging, demanding and dangerous environments. Therefore, we must make sure that everything we do is conducted in a safe way and that the standards we set are adhered to. Our members understand that. By encouraging more people to get involved in this aspect of the BFPA’s strategic plan, we can continue to fine-tune the rules and guidelines that ultimately can save lives. The equipment used in our industry often needs to operate in hazardous conditions. Furthermore, the equipment itself needs to be properly maintained frequently and correctly. Failure to do so can impact machinery performance and, more importantly, it can be dangerous to operators or other people. For example, pinprick holes in worn hoses can result in an operator suffering a fluid injection injury that can be life-changing or, in a small number of cases, even fatal. Health and safety legislation is forever being tightened, so the importance for The hidden force in manufacturing 16 Chris Butcher, the newly appointed Managing Director of the BFPA, outlines his roadmap for the Association and discusses some of the current key trends within our industry. The BFPA is in good shape to begin the detailed process to roll out our new strategy roadmap. 17 company owners to protect the safety of their employees is paramount. By not adopting the right standards you could not only be putting your employees at risk but also the reputation of the business. It’s things like this that we want to highlight as potential hazards and stress the importance of actions that can substantially mitigate risk. Another point to make is it’s not just about the importance of health and safety per se, it’s also about the general wellbeing of people in industry. Over 14 million working days are lost in the UK due to stress, depression and anxiety. So, mental health is also becoming an important part of our everyday lives and something that must be addressed. Carbon reduction There is also the environmental side of our industry to consider. Everyone’s talking about the need to reduce their carbon footprint. So, product lifecycle, energy reduction and carbon footprint reduction all become mission critical. Part of our strategy within our four pillars is to collaborate with members to help them to become more environmentally responsible and accountable. Many larger manufacturers are clearly aware of the importance of product lifecycle, carbon intensity, energy reduction etc., so more efficient systems are going to be key as we go forward. Digital transformation The importance of operating and maintaining machinery efficiently is a subject that moves us on to another highly important and topical theme – that of digital transformation. It doesn’t seem so long ago that if a machine suffered a fault and you couldn't diagnose the problem yourself you had to call in someone or you would try to describe the fault over the phone. With digitalisation including automatic sensing and IT systems on the web, you now have selfdiagnosing capability and smart learning within the fluid power industry. While we may have be ability to make direct changes remotely to, say, a hydraulic pump or hydraulic valve settings, at least you can, as an example, tap in to the ‘brain’ of the vehicle online and diagnose what the fault could be and then determine if it can be addressed. If we look at the motor sport,

18 automotive and trucking industries, the use of telematics can facilitate the continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system faults and performance across a broad range of equipment. All this can be achieved by using a convenient mobile app, email or web portal. This technology has been in operation for several years and it is now becoming more commonly deployed within the fluid power industry. Bringing manufacturing home Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was commonplace to source from overseas, in particular China. Due to China’s strong economic growth and currency gains over the past 10 years, it is now less cost-effective for UK, European or US companies to do this. In addition, with freight and fuel price volatility and the challenges with increased working

capital on the water, together with the ongoing challenges from the impact of COVID, more companies are now bringing manufacturing and investment closer to home. Clearly, this must be seen as a positive move in terms of job security and investment. It must be remembered that we are a world-leading manufacturing nation, with an annual output of £183 billion in 2022. Indeed, the UK is the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world, supporting over 2.5 million jobs. Promotion in the digital era One of the common threads between all four pillars of the strategic plan is the desire for the BFPA and its members to promote our industry in a more effective and modern way. The days of just having a catalogue have gone. Catalogues, brochures, booklets and pamphlets still have a part to play, but we must recognise that greater digitalisation and the dominance of social media are powerful means through which to get the BFPA’s messaging out there in the marketplace. Training, education and the online shift Another extremely important topic is training. Interestingly, the biggest growth trend in the BFPA’s own courses has been the shift from mainly classroom-based training to more online activity. So, part of our development programme now involves collaborating with our members to have a greater offering of training that is available virtually, while also continuing to grow our in-person classroom programmes. Of course, certain aspects will need to remain purely in the physical classroom because, at least for the moment, we cannot build a fluid power Education and training will continue to be a growth area for the BFPA. In 2022, 1300 people from 70 companies across the UK, Europe, Australia, West Africa, Southern Africa and South-East Asia attended a BFPA training programme. By supporting this with more theorybased online training that individuals can do in their own time, we have an effective hybrid training model that will be more convenient for all concerned. Hopefully, this will also prove to be a model that becomes even more in demand because of people not having to commit to so much time away from their place of work, with the subsequent savings in fuel costs and the greater accessibility and convenience of online learning. Moving forward Having joined the BFPA in the middle of November 2022, the learning curve has been steep. However, with the support of BFPA staff, John Farmer President and Rebecca Galley Vice President, not forgetting the much appreciated ‘handover’ from Paul Cooke, I believe with the team, Board and many of the Association members, we are in good shape to begin the detailed process of rolling out our new strategy roadmap to serve our members and the wider industry in an even more constructive and valuable way. 19 “We’re not just hydraulics and pneumatics – more and more we are encompassing electronics, mechatronics and robotics. We are the hidden force in manufacturing.” system digitally. At present, we have a UK footprint of 25 training centres, with 8 delivering BFPA-approved training courses to the Minimum Educational Requirements (MERs) or higher, going forward. With the support of our members, the BFPA will be increasing this footprint offering training across the manufacturing industry on a more localised basis.

Standards Standards work remains a key focus within the BFPA. The Association currently holds a secretariat for running nine national committees covering fluid power standards related to mechanical engineering and, as a subset, fluid power. These are: MCE 18 – Technical and Standards Policy Committee – Chairman: Jerry Hughes MCE 18/3 – Cylinders - Chairman: Colin Gibson MCE 18/4 – Connectors - Chairman: Jerry Hughes MCE 18/5 – Control Components - Chairman: Richard Driver MCE 18/6 – Contamination Control - Chairman: Phil Keep (Interim) MCE 11 – Fluid Seals and their housings - Chairman: Nick Peppiatt MCE 18/8 – Product Testing - Chairman: Mark Fairhurst MCE 18/9 – Systems and Accumulators - Chairman: Graham Miller MCE 18/16 – Hydraulic Fluids - Chairman: Neal Milne This list comprises one less committee than in 2021 following the amalgamation of the Systems and Accumulators committees. We brought these two subjects into a single committee because they were highly complementary, and by bringing them together it is now easier to establish a quorum and for actionable decisions to be expedited. This committee held its first meeting in December 2022 and proved to be very productive. I also work as the Secretary for the following working groups: ISO/TC 131/SC 6/WG 1 – Contamination Control – Sampling analysis and reporting CEN/TC 54/WG 5 – Accumulators Recently retired Yvonne Pearman in her role as Standards Project Manager had been very active within other ISO working groups, but when I took over standards responsibilities during the early part of 2022 it was felt that the contamination control working group was deemed to be a priority. After Yvonne Pearman’s departure, the BFPA took a step back from a couple of the international working groups. That had been expected because Yvonne had worked in her role for many years and was so knowledgeable about all standards with a relevance to our industry. Being new to the position, I naturally wouldn’t have been able to step directly into Yvonne’s role on certain committees and Paul Cooke felt the best move, as least for the time being, was to take a step back from some of the ISO groups but keep our involvement in the Contamination Control working group. This was because several BFPA members and committee members felt this was one of the most important groups and they wanted us to retain a secretariat for. Following my appointment, I began working very closely with two ladies at the BSI. Anita Attra is my point of contact for all ISO queries and has offered extensive training in ISO procedures and processes. Philippa Younas is my point of contact for national committees and was specifically assigned to support me in my role as External Secretariat. Philippa has offered extensive training in all aspects of standards development and committee management. Incidentally, Philippa used to work with Yvonne at the BFPA. Both Anita and Philippa are extremely helpful and supportive. Indeed, my sense is that the BFPA’s current relationship with BSI is as strong as it’s ever been. I attend the BSI’s external secretariat meetings and I also plan to attend its yearly conferences to represent the BFPA as a BSI member. I think BSI membership is very important and something that Keeping up the standards 20 Lucy Tuckey, Standards Project Administrator, discusses the current state of play regarding the BFPA’s contributions to Standards Developments, the UK’s relationship with the EU and the wider international community concerning ongoing standards projects. Lucy Tuckey: Future-proofing the BFPA for ongoing standards development.

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should be maintained and developed to a high standard. To some degree, although I work for the BFPA a lot of the work I do is for BSI because the relationship is so close. Four pillars Within the framework of the four pillars that were formed following the BFPA’s Strategy Review during 2021, I am part of the Industry and Standards team, of which Neal Milne is the Team Leader. We are all keen to ensure the work regarding standards that we undertake for our industry is promoted effectively. We are also keen to ensure all related information is easy to access for Association members. There is so much work taking place within all the strategy teams, and some really exiting projects are being progressed. Working as a team The BFPA is currently involved in several important standards-related projects. Whatever ISO or CEN work takes place also has the involvement of experts from other parts the world, including the UK. After these projects are discussed at the European or international level, they are then progressed in the relevant UK national working groups. If there is a UK project that doesn’t involve ISO or CEN, this is of course managed purely within the relevant UK national committee. The majority of work our committees are involved in concern standards that have been adopted either by Europe or internationally. As a Committee Manager, I step in and help with tasks such as document drafting and offering suggestions I might have related to, for example, how the committees can run in as smooth and efficient a manner as possible. For example, we currently have a project in the UK run by Project Leader Vince Hainsby. The working group has meetings at an ISO level, which are then followed by meetings of the UK group. So, there is an interlinking of international and UK activity. We certainly work as a team. Following Brexit, the UK remains as active a participant in European standards development as it was previously through CEN. As BSI is still a member of the European Committee for 22

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Standardisation (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELC), EN Standards still apply to the UK despite Brexit. This seems a logical move because if it became a requirement for British standards to move away from European equivalents this could turn into a neverending task, with literally thousands of standards being involved. Also, if the UK were to stop contributing funding to CEM that would equate to quite a substantial financial shortfall in some subject areas. The CEN working group that I am the Secretariat for is run by UK Convenor, Graham Miller. Countries represented in this group include Germany and France, and the group continues to function in much the same way as it did before Brexit. New Standards development and procedure In terms of areas of discussion, anyone can propose a new project. If the consensus is to move the new project forward things move to a phase where committee drafts and technical reports and specifications are produced. Then, once standards are published, they automatically come up for a systematic review every five years. This involves a voting process whereby it is determined whether to review or leave the standard unchanged. If it is decided to make changes, then a project to review is established. In terms of the discussion meetings, these function in much the same way regardless of whether they are CEN, ISO or nationally based. Essentially, we discuss either open projects to provide updates regarding a project’s status or decide by vote whether to move a new project forward. Everything is scheduled in detail beforehand so during the meetings have a clear agenda to follow. The CEN working groups tend to be small and are always conducted virtually, with Graham Miller and I using Zoom to talk with participants in Germany and France. These meetings usually take place every two or three months, although if there is a project that needs more immediate attention among all participants then we can usually arrange a meeting within a short timeframe. The national committees generally meet twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn. Again, most of these meetings take place virtually but I am encouraging participants to have at least one virtual and one hybrid meeting. The number of participants involved in the national committees can vary depending on the input requirements of each committee. Some comprise six or seven members from relevant companies, others can involve up to 14. I compile the agenda and take minutes, I then follow up any actions with the relevant people following the meeting closure.. If for any reason no one from our committee can attend the international meetings, I will look to attend and bring information back to the national group. My history Just to provide a little background, prior to joining the BFPA I worked for a housing association as part of a new business start-up. One of my key roles was to work alongside the Operations Manager to mobilise a full fleet of engineers across the country from 24