BCAS 2018

www.bcas.org.uk Insist on BCAS - Be Compliant And Safe Fees BCAS Member Rate £1, + VAT Non-member Rate £2, + VAT $SSOLFDWLRQ IRUP DYDLODEOH IURP %&$6 RIILFH 020 7935 2464 or info@bcas.org.uk British Compressed Air Society Ltd Company Registration No. 3589631 Pressure Systems Safety Regulations: Competent Examiners Course Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) As the owner or user of a compressed air system operating in excess of 0.5 bar and containing an air receiver you must comply with 15 regulations, one of which is the requirement under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations to have a written scheme and to have examinations of the equipment carried out at LQWHUYDOV VSHFLȴHG ZLWKLQ WKDW VFKHPH The Course BCAS developed this course to provide the basic knowledge DQG VNLOOV QHFHVVDU\ WR EH DEOH WR R΍HU H[DPLQDWLRQ VHUYLFHV LQ accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations. 7KLV TXDOLȴFDWLRQ DVVXUHV \RXU FXVWRPHU WKDW \RX KDYH UHDFKHG an approved standard to carry out the function of a Competent ([DPLQHU ΖQ WKH HYHQW RI DQ DFFLGHQW VXFK D FHUWLȴFDWH ZRXOG demonstrate to the Health and Safety Executive that you have met your duty of care obligations. Candidates successfully completing all the course assessments ZLOO EH DZDUGHG WKH %&$6 &RPSHWHQW ([DPLQHU &HUWLȴFDWH This provides the underpinning knowledge and skills required to contribute towards becoming a competent person. Who Should Take This Course? Users of compressed air to conduct in-house examination of their own systems Distributors of compressed air equipment or services in order WR R΍HU D VHUYLFH WR WKHLU FXVWRPHUV ZLWK WKH DGGHG UHDVVXUDQFH RI WKHLU VWD΍ KDYLQJ DFKLHYHG FHUWLȴFDWLRQ Maintenance service companies )LHOG LQVSHFWRUV ZKR R΍HU WKH VHUYLFH DV SDUW RI LQVXUDQFH FRYHU $PVSTF DPOUFOU Introduction to Pressure Systems Safety Regulations with a focus on Regulation 9 Physics and Calculations Introduction to relevant physics and pressure drop calculations. Symbols and circuit diagrams ISO 1219. Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques. Practical exercises in the application of these techniques, including testing of pressure vessel and calibration of pressure gauges and pressure relief (safety) valves. Written Schemes Review and evaluation of written schemes of examination using actual case studies of real documents Revision and Exam Revision interactive question sessions IROORZHG E\ WKH ILQDO H[DP