BCAS 2018

Training is a key feature needed for the enhancement of staff in any company. Compressed air is utilised in a wide variety of applications. Knowledge of compressed air is important to those who not only supply compressed air but also to those who use the compressed air. BCAS has a range of courses to suit various needs, either to improve knowledge or as part of legislative compliance including: ● distance learning ● e-learning ● face-to-face ● bespoke workshops All the distance and e-learning courses are continual enrolment and can start at any time convenient to the student. All the compressed air training and education courses below are accredited by BCAS. Please email Training@Bcas.org.uk for full member and non member options. Further information on all BCAS training can be obtained by either contacting our Technical Development Officer on 020 3856 1754 or by visiting www.bcas.org.uk !"! " " !! " " ! "! " BCAS Training