BCAS 2018

www.bcas.org.uk 1 President’s Foreword F ifty five Presidents before me have had the responsibility and the honour of guiding BCAS in its role as unbiased advisor to manufacturers, distributors and end users of compressed air and vacuum systems throughout the UK and Europe on legislation, technical standards, education, compliance, safety and environmental matters. Priorities in the industry have changed enormously since 1930 and the economic climate has been diverse. Today we find ourselves in the midst of enormous change, but one factor that is constant is BCAS’ crucial role in driving positive progress within the compressed air industry. We’re doing this in a number of ways. Training & Development “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela BCAS should be top of the list when people think of compressed air (non product) training. To help deliver this objective, a Training Working Group is being set up to create new courses and drive training for BCAS members, end users and other trade associations for all skill levels. In the main, compressed air courses are voluntary and we need to reinforce the value they can bring. In terms of end users (i.e. our customers), there are a lot of people that potentially come into contact with compressed air that should have some CERTIFIED competency training. Employers have a duty of care for their employees and to that end, the Training Working Group will be developing a compressed air health and safety course designed specifically for the end user. Driven by the Training Working Group, BCAS is also looking to develop a Trailblazer Compressed Air Apprenticeship Scheme. BCAS is ideally placed to set the apprenticeship standard within our industry and to deliver the best possible solution to benefit our members throughout the UK. The key to its success will be the commitment to making use of the apprenticeship standard once it has been developed, i.e. a commitment to take on apprentices within the scheme once it has been launched. As progress is made, we will provide further updates for consideration and consultation. Another exciting development is the opportunity for BCAS to work with the National Fluid Power Centre, a recognised training centre for the British Fluid Power Association. We are discussing the option to run some of our existing training courses at their facility and to leverage their expertise and resource in developing new compressed air related training courses. Expertise & growth “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin BCAS is an independent source of advice and technical help to ensure that the installation, running and maintenance of equipment is energy efficient, compliant and safe. BCAS also works directly on behalf of the compressed air and vacuum industry to advise on, shape, and at times challenge the creation of EU and UK legislation, directives and standards. Technical support for our manufacturers within ISO standards and European legislation is critical. Even at a distributor member level, with the advent of regulations such as PSSR 2000 (see page xx), BCAS offers huge value to its members. The great news is that we are reinforcing our technical team even further with the creation of a new role, that of Technical Development Officer. The appointment will deliver a number of key benefits, by extending the breadth and depth of our support to members and end users. It will drive the Training Working Group which is at the core of our progress; developing training courses and championing and managing our apprenticeship initiatives. Any trade association should pride itself in its role as gatekeeper and disseminator of best practice and this role will reinforce these activities. Not least, our members and end users will benefit from enhanced technical and general support, including more proactive member engagement through site visits and the like. Mention should also be made of Samuel Omojola’s appointment in another new role of Society officer. He has made an excellent start and is responsible for much of the day to day business of BCAS in support of Vanda. Vanda in turn can focus more energy on BCAS’s strategic direction and we can harness her extensive commercial experience. Adding value “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” Albert Einstein In the face of today’s uncertain economic and political framework, BCAS has a great responsibility to continue to deliver value to its members as the only technical trade association representing the compressed air industry in the UK. Equally importantly, we need to ensure that the end users of compressed air see the value of dealing with a BCAS member. Our recent BCAS survey covered in this guide, gives a little insight into this area. The question that must be always be answered as BCAS grows and evolves is: “How can we add value?” Positive progress James Maziak, BCAS President