BFPA 2024 Yearbook & Members' Directory 2024

explosions and sudden impact, which have RINA and European MED/MIL approvals, these assemblies can also be supplied with MED approved flame-resistant protection. Our Sitef factory in Teramo Italy has been producing, corrugated and over braided stainless-steel hose for many years, now we are able to offer assemblies, as well as loose hose and a wide range of fittings for self-assembly. For the construction Industry, we have developed a lightweight textile reinforced Concrete pumping hose 74SAA, which can still work at high pressures, but in helping the stability of the pumping trucks where site access is limited and the distance between the vehicle and the actual area needing concrete can lead to the weight of the truck’s arm plus the additional weight of more hose assemblies to reach this work area, causing the truck to overbalance. In 2021 we opened our new wire braid hydraulic hose factory in Morocco, this is now fully operational, which helped us through the past, exceedingly busy year, when many of our competitors were on excessive lead times, we managed to maintain an even flow of product. Our hydraulic hose range has been improved by the creation of our new “Alfabiotech Evolution” which offers an even more flexible hose range than our customers currently know and love. This range has now successfully been pressure and impulse tested to ensure total safety and compatibility, this new hose/fitting combination will be introduced through the Summer of 2024. Information on any of the above or the Alfagomma range of products can be viewed on our website Alfagomma is a global manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, a range that includes our Argus Quick release couplings, Swivel connectors, manipulated steel tubes and flexible metallic hose and assemblies. We are also renowned for our comprehensive range of Industrial mandrel built and long length moulded rubber, PVC and composite hose ranges, which makes us unique as a manufacturer/supplier, as we have all bases covered. To add to this broad range of products, especially our Offshore/Rig Supply range, we recently acquired a large bore handbuilt hose manufacturing site in Ortona Italy where we now produce our SAFEWAVE Oil/Water hoses from 6 to 24”, currently for Offshore and Dock applications, a range of Dredging hoses are currently under development. Due to our increasing involvement with the global shipbuilding market, we now offer a range of Rubber and Metallic expansion joints, manufactured to meet PED directive 2014/68/UE. We also developed a flexible “Dog leg” anti-shock hydraulic elbow, specifically designed for warships, to resist the effects of Alfa Gomma (UK) Limited 43 Wilcock Road, Old Boston Trading Estate, Merseyside WA11 9TG T: +44(0)1942 407 680 F: +44(0)1942 407 699 E: W: Contact Alfa Gomma (UK) Limited Company Profile 76