BFPA 2024 Yearbook & Members' Directory 2024

Sustainability Motion Control is Moog’s core competency and across all operating groups we are helping to shape the way our world moves – on land, sea, in the air and out in space. Our people, products and technology affect the lives of millions across the globe and our solutions contribute to making the world safer, healthier and more sustainable. Sustainability strategy As a company, we continue to develop our sustainability strategy and constantly think about the future whilst still celebrating our past achievements. From a product perspective, everything is getting smaller and more powerful. In this regard, a key focus for Moog in the UK is the further development of our miniature hydraulics range. This type of technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world we operate in. It’s not just in demand in our traditional markets such as aerospace and motorsport anymore, it has moved into other high-performance applications , where fast control and power density are key. So, we’re making our products smaller, more power efficient and looking at ways in which we can make our products the perfect fit for other markets and applications. ESG initiatives Also, our corporate ESG (environment, social and governance) initiatives are being actively promoted around the business. They include significant investment in solar power energy for factories and various other company-wide initiatives. While we’re engaged in these types of activity, we’re also better positioning ourselves to supply our customers with solutions that help them to do the same thing. For example, one of the classic markets that Moog Industrial Group has been involved with is large press manufacturers. We’re now supplying more energy-efficient solutions for those applications, including electrohydrostatic pump units (EPUs) and actuation systems. In late 2023, we released an energy management system, which controls solutions within our EPU range. So, I believe we are setting a very good example in terms of environmental and energy efficiency, and, by doing so, are enabling our customers to do that as well. Research programme Last October, we announced a new research programme for aerospace hydrogen fuel systems. This is a government-sponsored programme and we have been awarded a UK government grant via the Aerospace Technology Institute. The research programme is a joint project sponsored by GE[BS3] Aerospace and Moog. Of course, hydrogen is closely related to the fluid power industry and several BFPA member organisations are also focusing heavily on hydrogen. Green buildings Moog is keen to ensure the buildings it operates from are as high tech and sustainable as possible. Moog has two key facilities in Tewkesbury and currently, the new aircraft building is Adhering to a stringent green roadmap 58 By Rebecca Gunn, Marketing Communications Specialist, Moog, and Ben Rowlinson, Business Segment Manager – Miniature Actuation, Moog. Rebecca Gunn: “Moog is keen to ensure the buildings it operates from are as high tech and sustainable as possible.” Ben Rowlinson: “Digital transformation, including AI, is something that we’re investing in heavily.”