BFPA 2024 Yearbook & Members' Directory 2024 29 BFPA Level One hydraulics and pneumatics vocational courses These two vocational training courses are intended as a broad foundation for those people involved in the maintenance and management of fluid power systems concentrating on either hydraulics or pneumatics. Both courses aim to help technicians have a better understanding of how these systems work at a practical level and so carry out their duties in a safer way. Alongside classroom theory participants will be expected to take part in classroom exercises to help assess their knowledge and understanding. BFPA Level One competence-based qualifications in hydraulics and pneumatics The Level One qualifications are designed as a progression route out of the level one vocational training courses. Their aim is to cement the knowledge acquired through the vocational courses and demonstrate that the candidate can apply that understanding to a series of practical one-to-one tasks followed by the completion of a written theory exam. BFPA Level Two mobile/industrial hydraulics and integrated pneumatics systems The format at level two follows the same as level one offering the choice of a vocational training course and/or a competence-based qualification. Due to the different operating equipment and requirements between mobile and industrial hydraulics it was decided to separate these two industry branches at this level to allow participants to concentrate on the area most appropriate for their job role in both the vocational courses and qualifications. With regard to pneumatics, it is important to offer training that embraces the ever-growing mix of electrical and pneumatic control systems, so the level two vocational course and qualification are aimed at helping technicians to understand, interpret and maintain such systems in the workplace. Book now Book your place now by calling 01608 647900 or emailing